Additional discounts for Summer Programming School "Volga Camp" foreign group! The selection contest is open!

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Hello, codeforces!

As you know, some days ago we announced discounts for students from some developing countries and since then we have received a number of letters. Unfortunately, many people say that the price is still too high. That is why after discussing this with our sponsors we managed to reduce the participation fee to 15 euros per person for participants from developing countries except China. Attention! The selection contest is already open! We have made the registration easier, so now to participate in the contest all you have to do is register by following the link:

We have also decided to extend the contest for 2 more days till July 14, 23:59 (UTC+3) so that every person interested could take part. Read more about Summer Programming School "Volga Camp" here. For further questions write to [email protected].


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