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Hey guys! Ever wanted to use code forces on your terminal? I don't know why on the earth you will want to do this but if you do, then great! Because I have made a simple Python app for that.




CF-Terminal is a small attempt to take the useful features of code forces and pack them in a command line app so that anyone can run it in the terminal. Though the project failed quite miserably, I still managed to import some of the useful features that might come in handy in day to day usage.

Why a New CLI app?

You might know that there already exists an awsome CLI app for CF(link). So, why I have chosen to create a new one?

  1. To practice my programming skill.
  2. You can not read problem statements on the previous one.

Yes, the key feature of this program is that you can read problem statements in the terminal. Here are some other features that you might want to check out.


  • Read problem statements in the terminal
  • Submit problems from the terminal (not recommended)
  • Get upcoming contest information
  • Filter contest-specific and div-specific problems
  • and many more(not so many though)


If you are interested in using or testing this program, you can check out the installation information here.


The program itself is pretty simple to use. Once you have properly installed the app, boot it app, and run the help command. It will show you all the available commands. Just like this.


Then you can run various commands and explore the app(there aren't many commands to test).


YES, as a developer I agree this app can sometimes cause you pain(in the butt). It can(or will) through errors in your face. But still, for basic usages, it's not that bad at all. You can give it a spin.

Future update

I am pretty ambitious about this project. Currently, I am thinking of the following updates.

  • Show statistical reports
    • Contest reports
    • Practice reports
    • OVR reports
  • Gitgud, gotgud
  • Better problem submission
  • Performance boost
  • Virtual contest
  • Problem recommendation
  • and many more(yes, many many more)


I will keep working on the project on my own. But little help from you guys will really be much appreciable. There are a lot of ways to contribute.

  • If you know Python
    • Grab some available issues
    • PR your own sweet features
    • Work on optimizations
  • If you don't know Python
    • Create issues
      • Bug report
      • Crash report
      • Feature request
Tags #codeforces, app development, command-line, cli


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