I solved more than 1341 problems till difficulty 2200 but no improvement at all , I feel frustrated should I quit?

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Hello CF community I have been doing cp for 3 years,I solved more than 1341 problems ,but I'm still specialist,I'm really frustrated and I feel that I'm mentally retarted,many of my friends who started with me at the same time are masters and candidates now. Every time I fall down,I summon my strength and fight again,every 10 days I create a marathon on vjudge containings problems with specific difficulty(current one is 2200) and solve them.

I solved many problems ,and tried many strategies:solving easy problems,hard problems,virtual participation and upsolving but all this hard work was in vain .I'm not smart like others but I'm proud of being a hard worker . So guys you have the statement,any accepted solution please! (sorry for the very poor english)


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