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NP=RP: P is almost NP?

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Thanks to vintage_Vlad_Makeev for the information.

According to Wikipedia, RP is a class of decision problem which admits a randomized polynomial-time algorithm such that:

  • If the correct answer is NO, it always returns NO
  • If the correct answer is YES, then it returns YES with probability at least 1/2 (otherwise, it returns NO).

The Amazing Power of Randomness: NP=RP authored by Andras Farago claims that NP=RP. This means, there is a randomized polynomial time solution to NP problems, such as:

  • 3-SAT
  • Traveling Salesperson Problem
  • Minimum Vertex Cover
  • Graph Coloring
  • Among others

What does it mean? Is the paper wrong? Should we start studying randomized algorithm instead of machine learning? Will all cryptographic system collapse?

Share your thoughts!

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