[Gym] XXI Open Cup: GP of Weihai

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Hello! I'm happy to announce XXI Open Cup: Grand Prix of Weihai, which will be held today.

Authors of this contest come from Nanjing University, including gisp_zjz, zyb, sy_chen, Roundgod, calabash_boy, uuzlovetree,love.zy. This contest was originally used as China Collegiate Programming Contest(CCPC), Weihai Site. Enjoy!

Testers: -skyline-, chenjb, Subconscious, oipotato, 374272,VincentLx, Shedneryan, Icdereap. Thank you!

Contest link: http://official.contest.yandex.ru/opencupXXI/contest/21761/enter (Only visible for users with OpenCup login)

I will post the editorial after the contest. We are looking forward to your participation!


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