Feature Request: Pinned Blogs in Help Section

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Hi, Codeforces Community!

I hope everyone is well and doing good in these hard times :D

Every now and then I see newcomers asking naive questions related to various elements of this site. For e.g. how the rating system works, what are the divisions, what is scoring etc. I often see this type of queries in the blog posts of rounds or in dedicated blogs. I see most of the things are already covered in the Help section but it is still outdated and many new ideas that Codeforces have implemented are not covered such as introducing new divisions, change in the rating system, etc.

So, my idea is: whenever there is something new that is changed in the site blog posts related to that can be added in the Help section. How should they look is a subjective question but they can be displayed how Home section is displayed or just links to them can work as well. This will be helpful and everyone can be updated even if you miss something.

Please, express your thoughts on this in comments. Even if you think otherwise, your opinions are always welcome :)

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