Unofficial Div 4 Round #2

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Hello Codeforces!

I_Love_YrNameCouldBeHere and I are glad to invite you to Unofficial Div 4 Round #2. Which will take place this Wednesday at 14:35 UTC (The round is over now, but you can still participate virtually). The round will not be rated for any participants since it is unofficial.

Contest link:

You will be given six tasks and two hours to solve them. The problems were created and prepared by ssense and I_Love_YrNameCouldBeHere for users with a rating range from 0 to 1400 but anyone is welcome to participate in the round!

We want to thank everyone who was involved in the round preparation:

Errichto for thorough testing and publishing this round on the gym.

Also, after the contest Errichto will post videos about this contest and the responsibilities of a tester.

UPD: Videos are now up: Fixing A, Testing A, Testing the rest.

Brodicico for help with problems and testing the round.

And a huge thank you to the testers: Errichto, 1-gon, galen_colin, gupta_samarth, arujbansal, Chihai_Ion and Grumpah .

MikeMirzayanov for Polygon and Codeforces platforms.

Even though the contest is unrated, we believe it is an excellent way of practice, especially for Div 4 users.

Remember, if you don't know how to solve one problem, look at others!

UPD 1: Registration available now!

UPD 2: Round is over! We hope you enjoyed the problems and congratulations to the winners!

UPD 3: Editorial is out!

Div. 4 winners:

  1. doing_cloth

  2. anshu_man

  3. Pranava23

Not Div.4 Winners:

  1. Geothermal

  2. Maksim1744

  3. Mucosolvan

First to solve each problem:

A: First: Valera_Grinenko

Div. 4 first: anuragdvd

B: First: Geothermal

Div. 4 first: Lelouch_1

C: First: Geothermal

Div. 4 first: Lelouch_1

D: First: Geothermal

Div. 4 first: RamPrabodhInduri

E: First: Geothermal

Div. 4 first: -deleted-

F: First: IgorI

Div. 4 first: sahaun

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