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Hi all,

As a preparation for the Indonesian Informatics Olympiad committee to host IOI 2022, we decided to organise a test contest using CMS, the contest system used for IOI since 2012. The main purpose of this contest is for us to be familiar with CMS, including troubleshooting issues that may arise before, during, or after the contest.

Therefore, we would like to invite everyone to participate in this contest. The contest will be held on Sunday, 10 January 2021 9:05PM UTC+7 (Western Indonesian Time).

Since we are using the contest to be familiar with IOI-related features in CMS, the contest follows several IOI specifications, including:

  • There are batch, output-only, interactive, and communication tasks.
  • For non output-only tasks, you only need to implement one or more functions specified in the problem specification.
  • There are one or more subtasks for each task.
  • Full-feedback for each submission will be given (there is no pretest).
  • The supported programming language is C++ (IOI will no longer support Java from 2021).

However, the quality, novelty, and difficulty of the tasks may not be the same as IOI. Since this is a test contest, we are trying to make the contest as fun and approachable as possible. The contest duration is 2 hours.

The contest will be hosted in To participate in the contest, you will need to register in this form by the end of Friday, 8 January 2021 UTC+7 (Western Indonesian Time).

We are planning to distribute TOKI souvenirs to random participants with a non-zero score of this contest. The details of the souvenirs are yet to be confirmed. We will update the post once the details are confirmed.

See you in the contest :)

UPD1: The problems are now available for upsolving in TLX. Note that we need to modify several details due to CMS vs TLX incompatibilities.

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