CMIMC Programming Contest

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On January 30th, 2021, CMIMC (based in Carnegie Mellon University) will be hosting our very first programming competition! The contest has been written by our problem writing team, including FlakeLCR, Gilwall, and conqueror_of_tourist. Our website is Registration is open now to January 16th with no registration fee! If you would like a t-shirt for the competition, fill out the form by January 3rd. Please note: this competition is official for high school students only.

Below is more information on each round. You can find more information and sample problems on the info tab of our site.

In the AI Round, you and your team write programs which play mini games against other teams. Your scores will be updated on a live leaderboard, and you’ll be able to update your strategies accordingly! You will have 3 hours to write and improve your code for 3 different mini games. All code should be written in Python 3.

In the Optimization Round, you and your team will work on 3 optimization-based problems over 3 hours. These problems are not intended to be solved perfectly — instead, you will be competing against other teams to get the closest approximation through any computational tool at your fingertips. Your score will be determined simply by your answer. You can use any programming language for this round, since you will only be submitting a text output.

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Note: If you're not a high school student you can still sign up, you just won't be eligible for prizes.


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