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Hi Codeforces,

After a recent comment about me not being able to reply to people — I thought I should answer all the questions I can in one place.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have! As a somewhat experienced Competitive Programmer, Problem Setter, Coordinator and DSA interviewer — I will try to answer all the questions I can.

I would also like to bring to your notice, a new YouTube channel (name subject to change) that I am starting with sirjan13 and antipr000, where we will be covering various CS aspects like Competitive Programming, Projects, System Design, etc.

My idea about my role in it so far is:

  • Screencasts of contests I participate in, where I explain solutions as I solve
  • Problem Solving: Discussing problems I find educational along with some interesting or commonly asked logical puzzles.
  • Problem Setting Playlist — Some guidelines for Problem Setting, a tutorial on how to use Polygon and campus.codechef

Other possible things would be discussing interview questions, teaching some topics (I'm considering teaching Dynamic Programming — since almost all videos teach bottom-up, while I prefer and find top-down approach much more intuitive), lockout streams, etc.

Let me know any suggestions regarding what be most interesting for you to watch! I'm considering also making a video based on this blog — where I discuss all the relevant answers in detail.


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