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XXI Open Cup: Gp of Nanjing

Revision en8, by chenjb, 2021-01-10 17:24:17

Hello! Happy New Year! I'm happy to announce XXI Open Cup: Grand Prix of Nanjing, which will be held on Jan 10th, 2021.

This contest is mainly prepared by SUA Programming Contest Problem Setter Team, which has already been served as the 2020 ICPC Asia Nanjing Regional Contest.

Authors: chenjb, zimpha, shb123, TsReaper, oipotato, jiangshibiao, MudCoal

Testers: 300iq, Um_nik, Merkurev, KAN, jqdai0815, Suika_predator, lwn_16, lxlxl, Sugar_fan, liguanglin, lyk248289469. Thank you!

Contest link: (Only visible for users with OpenCup login)

I will publish this contest to gym and please feel free to discuss afterwards.

UPD: An editorial written in Chinese Zhihu and I will make an english version later (hopefully).

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