Stevenkplus Educational Videos: What Topics Should I Cover?

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Hey Codeforces community!

I'm interested in making educational content for competitive programming on my twitch and youtube channel. I've noticed that "topic streams" are fashionable these days and wanted to poll for potential topics to cover!

Some topics that I've been considering are: - Basic Dynamic Programming - Shortest Path algorithms - Basic Data Structures (STL's BBSTs) - Basic Combinatorics (Counting & Probability) - Basic mathematical reasoning (logic, greedy, invariants)

Which of these topics would you all be most interested to learn about? Feel free to comment with new suggestions as well!

Another video and/or stream format I'm considering is taking an existing online resource (e.g. and doing video walkthroughs of the content. The idea here is that the internet has plenty of great resources already, and I could probably help make them more easily discoverable & digestible by explaining them in detail. Thoughts?

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