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tl;dr is a web application where you can maintain a profile of solved/unsolved problems from several different competitive programming platforms. You can write notes about each problem (with support for LaTeX and images!). If you think your notes for a particular problem are substantial/useful enough, you may choose to publish them so that they will be publicly visible. Public notes can be upvoted, searched for, and will have their own comment section. Receiving upvotes on your public notes will also raise your contribution, for which there is a leaderboard (lol)



  • I think the primary purpose of my site is to be an improvement tool. In my opinion, in order to "become good," it's necessary to reflect on past problems and try to reuse their ideas. Even adding notes to your profile which you don't write anything about can be helpful in this regard. Of course, I can't really personally attest to the success of this because I suck at CP myself, but I highly suspect that it's true.
  • Reading editorials has to be one of my least favorite parts of CP.


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