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CODEFORCES-MARGDARSHAN, Website where you can practice Codeforces questions.

Revision en2, by JhabarBhati, 2021-05-06 20:39:23

Recently I created a website named CODEFORCES MARGDARSHAN.

Using this website you can practice the questions that are done by the other user. Questions will be divided into 7 sections sorted in increasing difficulty level.

The 7 sections are:

  1. Div. 2 A Problems:
  2. Div. 2 B Problems:
  3. Div. 2 C Problems:
  4. Div. 2 D Problems:
  5. Div. 2 E Problems:
  6. Div. 1 D Problems:
  7. Div. 1 E Problems:


Friends, If you find any bug you can create an issue Here. I would really appreciate that.

And This is an Open source project so your suggestions and contributions are always welcomed.

For more details about the project, you can see the project README

At last, Thank you for giving your valuable time to this blog.

Tags #practice, #codeforces, #problems


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