[GYM] Stanford ProCo 2021

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Hi Codeforces! This weekend we held the Stanford Programming Contest in an online format for USA High-Schoolers. Since it was online, the format allowed for teams of up to 3 members to use 3 total computers and the internet.

We wanted to share the problems with you, so we added the contest to the gym here. (thanks sqrtdecompton for graciously helping with that). Though it was a contest for high-schoolers, the problems should still be interesting for those below International Grandmaster. Try them out and let us know!

Thanks to all of the other problem writers: SherlockyHolmes, radeye, swagchicken, csullivan203, and xiaowuc1

And testers for excellent feedback: miagkov, gigabuffoon, I_love_Harpae, MTSranger, alueft, and inutard.

Solution sketches, judge code and data, and the official standings are posted in this google drive. They will later be added to our website as well. Apologies for only having screenshots of the scoreboard in the Drive, I ran into some Polygon issues adding a ranklist but will try to add the official standings to the Gym soon for those doing virtual participations!

Finally, once again congrats to our Advanced division winners!

  1. blair blezers: galen_colin, 12tqian, and gabrielwu
  2. Coast: rqi, nchn27, and ajpiano
  3. Alphastar Air: qiangbao, Giantpizzahead, and vrooooom
  4. 2 campers 1 cheater: Kininarimasu, SuperJ6, and codetiger927
  5. cowng: skittles1412, penguinhacker, and PurpleCrayon
  6. drop out of school and run away into the forest with me: qpwoeirut, codicon, and moo.

UPD: Added link to gym: https://codeforces.com/gym/103091

UPD2: Created ranklist here, which combines new VPs w/ official standings


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