Results and Editorial for mBIT 2021 June Round

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UPD: Editorials have been released!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the mBIT Spring 2021 competition today! All of the information on this blog post is also available in our archive, which includes the full leaderboard.

Problems and Editorials

Test your solutions on our Codeforces Gyms: Standard, Advanced


First, we would like to congratulate the team Texas (Adam Bertelli, Dilhan Salgado, Zack Lee) for being the first team to find all of the Among Us references hidden in the problems! Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the division winners:

Advanced Division

Winning Teams:

  1. KoreshaMaksim Gorokhovskii, Ramazan Rakhmatullin

  2. jharada fan clubHuaiyu Wu, Antonio Molina, Yuting Zhou, Maryam Bahrani

  3. ඞYTN3M (HS team) — Elliot En-Yi Liu (National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park), Ashley Aragorn Khoo (NUS High School), Udit Sanghi (Bhavan Vidyalaya), Panchkula Kostiantyn Savchuk (Lyceum No. 2 of Korostyshiv)

  4. ScrubsRaymond Kang, Li Yao'an, Koh Li Chen

  5. we can fill this out later but I have to put something to save (HS team) — Moses Xu (Appleby College), Eric Pei (Don Mills CI), Chris Trevisan (William Lyon Mackenzie CI), Victor Gao (Victoria Park CI)

  6. Coast (HS team) — Anand John (Brandywine High School), Nathan Chen (Garnet Valley High School), Richard Qi (Princeton High School), Siyong Huang (Homestead High School)

Standard Division

Winning HS Team: Remdi™Nishchay Bhutoria (Nehru Smarka Vidyalaya), Vishesh Saraswat (DPS RK Puram), Aryan Raina (Sri Guru Harkrishan Model School), Ritul Kumar Singh (DPS Bokaro Steel City)

First Place MS Team: The Purple DuckDaniel Wu (Tilden MS), Paul Trusov (Tilden MS), David Sy (Tilden MS)


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