A complete list of opentrains contests

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The opentrains provides a series of high-quality ICPC training contests. However, its contest list is not complete(then it is difficult in finding some contests), and we cannot know if the contest has an editorial until we finish it. Therefore I made a list containing almost all of the contest materials, including contest id, statements, solutions and editorials. I don't know whether these materials can be made public (may affect their training value), so I only provided their corresponding links in opentrains in the table.

The link for Statements, Solutions and Editorials is in the format of http://opentrains.snarknews.info/~ejudge/index.cgi?solarc2=CONTEST_ID&sid=SESSION_ID. You can save the entire page and replace the field SID_HERE in the page with yours. Your SESSION_ID can be obtained from the URL that you jumped to after logging in at http://opentrains.snarknews.info.

For most of the Open Cup and Petrozavodsk contests, you can find the upsolve link in zimpha's posts(here and here). For other contests, I provided some upsolve links that do not require private logins.

You can find the list here, and I hope it will be helpful to you.


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