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This is the problem on geeksforgeeks job sequencing problem. This problem requires greedy approach..

So in the particular problem,it is asked to find maximum jobs possible and maximum profit, if each job takes 1 unit time and must be completed by its deadline... So input format is (job id, deadline, profit).

My approach----

So basically what I did is I created a map<int,multiset> and I used deadline as Key and stored all given profits related to it in sorted order. While storing these values, I calculated Maximum deadline value among all deadline. Let it me max_val; Then I created a multiset final_jobs to store min( D , given jobs with deadline D ) largest profits for each deadline ( where D = deadline) i.e. among all jobs which have D = 1,I took largest value; for D = 2, I took 2 largest value if number of jobs with D = 2 is greater or equal to D = 2 and so on. After that I took M largest value from final_jobs and added them up. { where M = min( max_val, size of final_jobs )}..

But for few test-cases my solution is failing, I think My approach is correct and tried to debug but I am not able to find any error. I have one more approach in mind but until I don't find error in this approach I can't use other approach (it's against my norms).

My Solution

Could anyone just help me in finding errors in my approach and implementation...

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