Teamscode Summer 2021 Summary

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The long awaited editorial and CF gym for the TeamsCode Summer 2021 Contest is finally out! The CF gym is here with all 25 problems sorted in difficulty. In each problem at the bottom (after the sample explanation) are credits for each problem as well as in which divisions they appeared in. The editorial is linked in the form of a pdf in the CF gym and can also be found here.

The problem difficulties range from less than $$$800$$$ to well over $$$2500$$$ in terms of CF ratings. I challenge you to upsolve them. I know that the problemsetting team, codicon, Bossologist, Mantlemoose, Spark, and me, put a lot of work into making 25 quality problems this time around.

We also have a github with relevant materials as well as a Discord.

Special thanks to BucketPotato, lunchbox, Daveeed, and jli505 for testing the Advanced Division and Shreybob, Nikhil Chatterjee (nikhilc1527), and Ryan Chou for testing the Intermediate Division. Also massive props to PurpleCrayon for coordinating the round! We could not have done it without him. If there are any problems that you do not like, I guarantee you that Purple played a part in making it :).

Also thanks if you took the round! I know that a few of the problems were scuffed and harder than previous years, but I still hope you enjoyed! Now go upsolve the problems :)

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