India ICPC — Amritapuri 2020 Regionals Results

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Hi ICPC Amritapuri Contestants, It was originally planned to release the ranklist at the ceremony on 21st August, Saturday. However we got some feedback from the contestants that it will be important to know the ranks before other regionals. After discussions between the setting team and the RCD, we have decided to provisionally release the ranklist subject to plag checks. The solution discussion and award ceremony will still be on 21st August. Congratulations to the winners and hope you enjoyed the contest.

  1. IIT- Roorkee — amnesiac_dusk buri_buri_zaemon_ harshhx17
  2. IIT Kanpur- Dragnoid99 mohanraghug abhinavvv306
  3. DA-IICT- nishant403 Jaydeep999997 harshrajani460
  4. IIIT Hyderabad — gaurav172 shaanknight vivace_jr
  5. Bits Pilani — Lain geckods lolok123

Cat and Dice problem Remained unsolved in the contest.Cubical had 1 AC and Lag had 3 AC.Top team solved 8 problems,4 teams got 7 problems and 10 teams got 6 problems.


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