We're not good in our jobs? — CLIS Presentation at ICPC World Finals '20

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CLIS (Competitive Learning Institute Symposium) is one of the programs at ICPC World Finals every year. As you know ICPC World Finals '20 is going to be held in ~2 weeks in Moscow. I had two proposals for the symposium that both accepted. Abstract of one of them goes as follow:

We're not good in our jobs?

Peter Norvig: "One thing that I can share that was surprising to me is: being a winner of one of these programming contests was actually a negative factor for performing well on the job.",
What does it mean? We're performing badly on our jobs? If so, why?
In this presentation, I'm going to take a survey of competitive programmers on their job.

  • As a teacher, how to make CP as close as possible to the job?
  • What happens in CP and what happens on the job, why they are different?
  • What're the main abilities that CP makes them grow and what are the abilities needed on the job?
  • Is the salary of competitive programmers more than others after several years?
  • Which technologies (e. g. Networking, AI, IoT) are more close to CP?
  • What are the most important negative factors of competitive programmers, in sight of their managers on their job?
I'll do several interviews with old competitive programmers who are doing their job good and ask for their experience for better presentation.

As here is the biggest competitive programming community, can you please share your experience with me? For example,

  • If you were a competitive programmer and you're now working in a company, which abilities you're using from CP?
  • If you're a human resource specialist, can you please answer this question: Is the salary of competitive programmers more than others after several years?
  • If you're a team lead and have someone in your team that is a competitive programmer, how do you evaluate him? Are you satisfied?

PS. If you're a WF attendee, I'll be very thankful if you attend my presentation.

Update. The presentation is over. You can download the slides and watch the presentation.

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