Invitation to FizzBuzz (Rated for Div. 2 & Div. 3 ) — iFest -26 th Nov, 2021.

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Hello People!

We, are thrilled to invite you all to FizzBuzz 2021 ,rated for Div. 2 & Div. 3 participants. FizzBuzz, a competitive programming contest is organized by i.Fest — Gujarat’s Largest Technical Fest. i.Fest ‘21, the Annual Technical Fest of DA-IICT consists of 15+ events conducted over a span of 3 days (26th Nov- 28th Nov). Go and check out the official website of i.Fest ‘21 for more details: go here.

Time : 9 PM IST to 12 PM IST (Today)

Contest Link :

Joining me on the organising panel are:

We would like to thank CodeChef for providing us the platform to host our contest. We would also like to thank the entire Codechef Team for their invaluable feedback and for their excellent coordination.

Good luck to all the participants!

Hope to see you participating!!


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