About CodeChef Cheating

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10 mins ago a contest ended in CodeChef. I don't know you will believe me or not, 6 peoples submitted exact same code (just template is different), but I know they will not get skipped.

But why? Why CodeChef don't skip same solution just as CodeForces do?

Yes I know comparing CodeChef with CodeForces is shit, you maybe 5* in CodeChef but in CodeForces, maybe be you are newbie, yes that's the level of CodeChef & a 5* Coder in CodeChef, LOL, we all know that, even recruiters also do. Even the people who do cheating they have no future, they are the worst people in our community & may GOD punish them for it.

But the thing is, why CodeChef don't skip same solution? Why they are not worried about their reputation & give FUC*ING cheaters chance to do cheating? Any reason? Any CodeChef admin/moderator here who can clear that?


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