Infoleague Winter 2021 Training Round Announcement

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Disclaimer: This contest is not rated

Hello Codeforces!

We would like to invite you to the training round of Infoleague Winter 2021, starting from Saturday, December 4th at 14:00 GMT.

This contest will have 8 problems, which are not sorted in increasing order of difficulty. They should provide an interesting challenge to everyone up to around 2300 rating.

The scoring system is IOI-esque, with partial feedback. All problem statements will be available in English.

Problemsetters: Gheal, tibinyte, cadmiumky

Testers: andrei_boaca, IacobTudor, RaresFelix

Upd 1: Six days down, one to go! The editorial will be posted tommorrow, shortly after the end of the round.

Upd 2: The contest is over, congratulations to the winners!

  1. Alfnov and AlexLorintz with 800 points
  2. sansen with 700 points
  3. MoRanSky with 620 points
  4. Kira_1234 with 605 points
  5. Egor and xiaolaogou with 565 points

Thank you to everyone who participated! The editorial can be found here.


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