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Hello Codeforces!

I invite all of you to participate in a special Codeforces round. It will take place on 29 Jan, 17:05 UTC. It will not be a usual round. Thanks to Wunder Fund, the best participants will win prizes and souvenirs. Here are some words from Wunder Fund:

Our company is situated in the center of Moscow. We are engaged in high-frequency trading — developing high-performance systems and algorithms for automated trading in financial markets. In this area algorithms and data structures (that you love to invent and implement) are vital. Our systems should process transactions in milliseconds! High-frequency trading is a continuous competition of the best programmers and mathematicians around the world. By joining us, you will become a part of this exciting challenge.

We offer interesting and challenging tasks for the development of low latency for enthusiastic researchers and programmers. Flexible and no bureaucracy, decisions are taken quickly and implemented. We are a small team, so you will immediately become a significant part of it. Understand the economics and finance is not required, but the algorithms and data structures is what we need.

Are Russian speaking and ready to live in Moscow? Join us! Visit our website for more information.

We will be happy to give participants prizes and gifts:

  • 1 place — PlayStation 4
  • 2 place — Xbox One
  • 3-5 places — Sega MegaDrive 16bit with games
  • 1-50 places — Wunder Fund T-Shirts!
  • 51-500 places — 50 T-Shirts to random participants!

Interested in the work on Wunder Fund?

I want to thank the following people for helping me with this round:

  • GlebsHP for his help in reviewing problems and assistance in preparation for the round.
  • LiChenKoh, AlexFetisov, and winger for testing problems.
  • Delinur for translations.
  • MikeMirzayanov for Codeforces and Polygon systems.
  • and of course Wunder Fund for sponsoring the round.

I hope to see you all at the round. Good luck and have fun! :)

If you'd like some practice before the round, you can look over some of my past rounds that I've written (links here: A B C). I will try to give you all some more interesting problems to solve.

UPD1: The round will be 2 hours and 7 problems. Unfortunately, there are some time conflicts, so we are unable to extend the duration of the round. The score distribution will be 500-1000-1500-1750-2500-2750-3500. Note that some problems that we thought are harder may actually be easier for you, so I encourage you to read all problems.

UPD2: The editorial is published. Congratulations to the winners

  1. Egor
  2. Petr
  3. Um_nik
  4. RomaWhite
  5. Sampson

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