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By AnPelec, 8 years ago, In English

Hello everyone!

During practising for programming competitions, I have solved some problems from various online competitions (like USACO). Sometimes, the test cases are provided if you want to test your solution on the actual test data.

And here's the problem: Usually when you download these test cases, you have a folder full of .ins and .outs. So one way to test your solution, is to take every test case and copy it to your file (or stdin), run the program and compare your output with the expected output.

What I am asking, is a way to test your program to all the test cases simultaneously and after the testing, you can go to another file that describes the performance of your program. i.e. Case #1: AC Case #2: WA Case #3: TLE (if it's possible to check execution time too that'd be great!) ...

I am sorry if there is already a similar topic at Codeforces, but I couldn't find anything on the Internet.

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