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Hey Codeforces!

We’d like to invite you to take part in our AIM Tech Mini Marathon 1 to be held this Thursday on the 1st of February at 7 pm MSK.

This is unrated competition. All the participants will be challenged with only one problem, which doesn’t have a fast and full solution and 3 hours to solve it. Solutions will be evaluated independently on each test. The exact formula of points per test will be given in the problem statement. The score for the contest is a sum of scores for each test. You can participate in contest as a team, 3 members maximum.

All the tests will be released at the very beginning of the competition. They will be used both for preliminary and final testing. You will be also provided with a checker and a visualizer, written in Python3. You can find environment setup instruction below. Local checker and vizualizer run is optional, but could help finding the solution. Your solution can be written in any language that is supported by codeforces.

AIM Tech Mini Marathon 1 will take place during the Petrozavodsk training camp, which is traditionally sponsored by AIM Tech. At the end of the competition first five teams will be awarded with AIM Tech T-shirts.

The Marathon was prepared by AIM Tech team: ArtDitel, Kostroma, SirShokoladina, zeliboba, Edvard, zloyplace35.

Special thanks to Mike Mirzayanov MikeMirzayanov for Codeforces and Polygon and to the problems coordinator Nickolay Kalinin KAN for his help with the competition arrangements.

AIM Tech is a high frequency trading company based in Moscow. The key words that describe the essence of our work are big data, low latency and HFT. Effective C++ coding, algorithmic mindset and the mathematical intuition are all very handy in our work. That’s why most of our employees are the winners of different programming and math contests. At free time AIM Tech team usually takes part in various programming competitions as well as challenges itself at hiking and mountaineering.

For more information on AIM Tech follow us on, facebook or instagram. Also feel free to write us any time via CF, VK, FB, Telegram or simply e-mail us. We are open to answer any of your questions including job openings.

We wish you all luck and high rating!

To run visualizer you need python3 with ‘pillow’ library. You can download Python3 here: To install pillow simply run pip3 install pillow on Linux, Windows or MacOs. To check that everything works properly create a script file

from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
im ="RGB", (128, 128))
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(im)
draw.line((0, 0) + im.size, fill=128)
draw.line((0, im.size[1], im.size[0], 0), fill=128)
del draw

and run it: python You will see a red cross with black background.

Please feel free to write a comment below.

UDP. There is no limit on a number of PCs in this contest, you may use up to one PC per participant

TCP. Every test will have it's own separate task, so every task will have only one test

IGMP. You can download the password-protected archive with tests and checked by any of the given links:

Password: aimtechiscool. Please you only one of these links, not all

HTTP. Contest is over, congratulations for the winners:

  1. ИТМО 1: SpyCheese, izban, Belonogov 1191.717
  2. sdya 1188.534
  3. Moscow IPT: Shock Content: amethyst0, AndreySergunin 1179.33
  4. UW3: znirzej, tabasz, tribute_to_Ukraine_2022 1157.526
  5. Warsaw U: KMR: Errichto, Radewoosh, mareksom 1152.257
  6. Helsinki U: Ukkonen Fan Club: Hansuzu, mango_lassi, kllp 1152.007
  7. admarkov 1145.181
  8. MS TSV: grphil, voidmax, Egor.Lifar 1115.304
  9. Vilnius University #1: AllSubmissionsMatter: JustasK, Darius0021, jDomantas 1112.618
  10. Ural FU: Dandelion: Um_nik, Merkurev 1112.112

Please write your opinions in comments

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Hi all, we participated in challenge24 as aimfund team (zeliboba, ArtDitel,Zhukov_Dmitry), took 6th place and here is my writeup. We really love challenge24 and 24-hour format, thank you guys for making it, and we are waiting for the next year. But I should say that writeup will be mostly negative because of overall impression.

UPD Psyho's 1st place writeup with solutions:

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Contest discussion

Problem А. Triangle

Pythagorean theorem, brute force

In this problem you should implement a function, which takes three points and checks whether they form a right-angled triangle. There are a lot of ways to do so, but the simplest one is using a Pythagorean theorem.

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