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The ACPC (Africa and Arab Collegiate Programming Championship) is the competition that gathers the Arab world and some counties in Africa, and it’s the one that qualifies those regions’ teams into the ICPC. The ACPC is held every year at Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt.

Palestine is one of the countries that should compete in the ACPC, and its qualification contest to the ACPC is the PCPC (Palestinian Collegiate Programming Contest), however, for almost the last decade, Egypt refuses to give the qualified Palestinian teams the Visas to compete at the ACPC. The ACPC this year will be held tomorrow, and from the moment we had qualified (a month ago) until now, we have been collecting funds to register at the contest and just hours ago our Visas got refused again!.

This is sad and miserable. The community here has been evolving and growing in the last two years, but this situation will do nothing but pulling it back.

This situation won’t be settled until Egypt raise its control from the ACPC and hands it to another country that can accept all the Arab teams regardless of their nationality.

It’s really sad to see your team name competing tomorrow but with zero tries, and what hurts more is the ignorance of our complaints from the ACPC organizers and this is why we are writing this here.

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