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Hello, Codeforces!

I'd like to invite you to Codeforces Round #298 (Div. 2). It will be held on Sunday, April 12 at 19:00 MSK and Div. 1 participants are invited to join out of competition.

Problems have been prepared by Maxim Mescheryakov (Neon) and Danil Sagunov ( We hope you'll find them interesting.

Great thanks to Maxim Akhmedov (Zlobober) for helping us preparing the contest, to Maria Belova (Delinur) for translating the statements into English, to Mike Mirzayanov (MikeMirzayanov) for the great Codeforces and Polygon systems and ideas of some problems. Also thanks Vitaliy Aksenov (Aksenov239) for writing solutions.

You will be given six problems and two and the half hours to solve them.

UPD: Scoring system 500-1000-1500-2000-2500-3000

UPD2: Competition completed! Thank you all!

UPD3: Congratulations to the winners!

  1. xuanhien070594

  2. misis

  3. Mikagura_Seisa

  4. plem

  5. 11111111

UPD4: Editorial here

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