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From the previous 5 months I gave about 40+ contest and I am still stucked at Expert everytime I hit 1800+ rating it falls down again and again....

Please suggest me some startegy to become a Candidate Master on CF.

Thanks in advance...

UPD1: Finally after 7 weeks of this blog I became CM :)

many of my friends were asking for suggestion. so, here are the few of them.!

  1. Errichto, Aman Dhattarwal and Love Babbar (in hindi) playlist if you want to step into CP or you're a beginner.
  2. If you want to be rated X, then you must be able to solve problem with rating X+200. And try to solve every problem within a short time as you're in competing.
  3. Whenever giving a contest, don't care about falling of your rating, your aim should be to solve as many problems as possible, it really helped me to improve my performance in the contest.
  4. Up-solving (Atleast problems till 2000 rating).
  5. Try finding weak areas and start solving those problems.
  6. Try to make friends who are having rating +(100-200) of your current rating and who gives contests frequently.
  7. Most important Don't Give Up.

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By PR_0202, history, 5 months ago, In English

I am confused about how to get sum from a node y to its ancestor x using a segment tree. there is query of 10^5 order consists of update and find sum of the nodes between them.!

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