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Hi Codeforces Community!

I and Sweet are excited to invite you to our contest, Happy Childrenday 2024!, which will start in Jun/01/2024 17:00 (Moscow time). Please note about the unusual time for our contest!.

Note that our contest is unofficial, so it's unrated. Furthermore, because all of us won't be able to do the contest in Codeforces gym, we made our own contest in Codeforces Mashup. Here is the link of our contest: Link

You will have 2 hours to solve 6 — 7 problems in the contest. The contest will be held in ICPC format, with penalty of 10 minute for incorrect submision. The range of difficulties of the problems are from ~1000 to ~2000, based on some tester feedback.

We guarantee that all of our problem will be unique and interesting. We also guarantee that all of the problems are solvable in either C++ or Python. Note that there is at least 1 interactive problem. You should read this guide about interactive problem if you don't know what it is.

All of the problems have been made by Sweet and me.

We would like to thank:

  • MikeMirzayanov for incredible and amazing Codeforces and Polygon platforms.
  • And we would like to thanks a lot to our teachear, friends, who helped us to become better, and helped us a lot when we made this contest <3.
  • Last, but not the least, thank You for participating in our contest <3.

We wish you(if you are still a child like me) best of the luck and to have fun in this special day :3.

UPD: We decided to shift it by one hour, because some participants said that this contest will coincide with the Atcoder Beginner Contest.

UPD2: I and Sweet decided to give you one more hour to solve all of the problems, because of their difficuty.

UPD3: Congratulations to the winners:

Top 5:

  1. rui_er (The only full solution participant)

  2. amirhoseinfar1385

  3. monadtransformer

  4. The-Winner

  5. Aphrodite3107

First solvers as well:

A. LLIEPJIOK at 00:13

B. rui_er at 00:16

C. monadtransformer at 00:34(only 3 seconds sooner than the next one)

D. rui_er at 01:13

E. rui_er at 01:33

F. rui_er at 00:37

G. rui_er at 01:01

Thanks you for participating in our contest <3 Good wishes on the Children's Day!

UPD4: The editorial is out! Thanks you for participate in our contest :)

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By Phuocbua, history, 2 months ago, In English


Yesterday I create some IOI problem in Polygon (just for fun). But when I verification that problem, it's failed and I see Failed on verification of the first test: Checker produced incorrect comment with points: 'points_info=...' expected.. Do anyone see this before? Any idea how this happened how to fix it? Thanks everyone read my blog and answer my question.

(Sorry for bad english)

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