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Greetings Codeforces,

Competitive Programming Club, AIT Pune is excited to invite you to CoDeft 3.0 which will take place on Monday, March 27, 2023, at 20:00 IST. This contest will be an ICPC-styled contest to provide an exciting learning platform to showcase your CP skills. Many thanks to all the individuals who made this contest possible:

• Problem Setters: (_AbRn_, RohitRKS)

• (novaa, shreyas__09_) for testing and providing detailed feedback that improved the quality and balance of the round significantly.

• (Dev_Manus, hugewarriors) for coordinating the event!

This event will be conducted in 2 stages:


• Date & Time: Monday, March 27, 2023, at 20:00 IST

• Participation: Individual

• Contest Link:

• Registration Link:

• The top 100 Participants willing to come for the onsite finals will qualify for the final round.


• Date: Friday, April 14, 2023

• Participation: Individual

• Mode: Onsite, the Top 100 participants from online qualifiers will be invited for onsite finals at AIT, Pune Campus.

• Participants reporting for onsite finals will have four events CodeRed, Bug-Off, Retracer, and Short-Code to take part in.

Onsite Final Events:

◉ Codered: Competitive Programming event

◉ Retracer: Figuring out the code using only the input and output files

◉ Bug-Off: Debug the Code

◉ Short-Code: Smaller Code Wins!!

Prizes and Goodies


• The top 25 Indian participants will receive goodies, delivered to their addresses.

• 5 Random Indian participants from the top 300 will receive goodies, delivered to their addresses.

• 5 Random students from AIT will receive goodies.


• All the onsite finalists will receive a CoDeft T-shirt + Goodies

• Event Winner, Runner Up

• CodeRed: 12,000/- INR and 8,000/- INR

• Retracer: 6,000/- INR and 4,000/- INR

• Bug-Off: 6,000/- INR and 4,000/- INR

• Short-Code: 6,000/- INR and 4,000/- INR

• Goodies for the top 7 participants on the leaderboard for all three events separately.

Don't forget to register to be eligible for goodies and prizes

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