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AlgoShots is very effective platform for beginners. AlgoShots has basically 2 sections :

Learning :- Where you can grasp crystal clear concepts of Algorithms and Data-Structure from basic to Advanced (We will upload more algorithms soon) . Recommended for those who lack basic concepts from beginning. This section even contains pics, gifs to enhance the comprehensive concepts.

Practice : There is no shortcut to practice. You would have probably heard this many times but it is the reality, practice indeed improve your implementation skills along with basic DSA and problem solving skills. So this section contains handpicked questions from codeforces (the best platform for competitive programming) from 800 to 2000 rating with detailed explanation for the same. It even contains pics, gifs, even video explanation wherever it was necessary to enhance the comprehension.

We have selected 25 questions of rating 800 to 1000. Since, we believe 25 questions are more than enough as they are pretty straightforward. And we have approximately 50 problems (some questions are yet to be framed, stay tuned for the same) each from rating 1100 to 2000.

We have even linked our site with Codeforces for better results. If you want to keep a track of your progress, enter the Codeforces Handle at the top inside Practice Section and upon solving the problems, those cards will turn green.

Already many users are practicing daily from this platform. I hope you guys take the benefit to the its zenith and may it be helpful for you.

P. S :- A lot of efforts were made in order to help the community. We are just 2.5 months old, looking forward to help the community even more in the near future.

Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself : AlgoShots

Join our telegram group for healthy doubt solving and competitive programming discussion :

Telegram AlgoShots Discussion

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By Semal10, history, 3 years ago, In English

"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years" - Bill Gates

Though not 10 years , our team has come up with a learning website for all the computer science students/professionals to understand algorithms from basic to advance in 6 months. We will be posting one algorithm daily and in no time , you will be prepared for coding interviews or competitive programming. So let's make this lockdown productive by spending 5 min daily to improve problem solving skills. Checkout our website:

(By signing up you will get email daily about our articles)

Why AlgoShots? The thing is there are lot of tutorials available online in form of blogs as well as video tutorials , but they are either not well organised or lack some good explanations. Here at AlgoShots we will teach you in a fun and interactive way and within 6 months of span you will know all the standard Algorithms and some cool techniques a competitve programmer uses to ace in coding contest.

So ideally it is recommended to take one shot (i mean one shot of Algorithm :) ) per day. And with each day the shot will get bitter but hey don't worry we will make your taste buds adapt to this by that time.

I joined in between now how should i practice? Don't worry we have a button available in our home page. You can sort the shots and go to shot 1 and start taking your shots as per your lung capacity. But i can assure that after this your lungs will be much stronger xD.

Our Goal? Our goal is to make all the students capable enough to crack any coding interview in any product based companies especially "FAANG" and also to help them ace competitve programming. After signing up with us you will get email daily regarding about articles.

Any Suggestions/Queries? Contact us : [email protected]

Also , make sure to comment to increase it's reach as much as possible.

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