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Hello there!

In an attempt to provide a complete interface-less access to Codeforces using javascript, and since all the existing wrappers out there (that I know of at least) are somewhat limited, this package was created:

npm package

Github repo

It's still in development, so feature requests + contributions are always welcome!


After running npm install cf-wrapper or yarn add cf-wrapper:


P.S: Typescript support is coming up next.

Thank you!

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By aManwithaVan, history, 10 months ago, In English

Most, if not all, Codeforces users are familiar with Harbour.Space university as it sponsored and continues to sponsor educational rounds as well as organizing the Harbour.Space Scholarship Contest 2021-2022 in codeforces. However, when it comes to university rankings Harbour.Space is not doing well at all. So what makes Harbour.Space low ranked in spite of the many initiatives it has been a part of ?

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