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Hello, I'm looking for friends who are willing to give virtual contests or simply solving problems around 1700s on a consistent basis(almost daily). I have noticed that in virtual contests I don't put that much effort compared to an actual contest. Hence having a group of friends of (almost) the same level will make virtual contests and upsolving more fun.

So please comment if you are interested and if you are consistently rated between 1500-1700 and are willing to spend 3-4 hrs on CP daily.

I'll create a Whatsapp group if we have 4-5 people.

Edit 1 — We have already got around 8 people and I think this an optimal size of such a group and hence won't be adding more people to the group. I have got messages/comments of many more people and I request any one of alphatrance, The_Dark_Knight_Rises, KGrader, Shrey_Pansuria, idealover, Zuciso, towhid1zaman to make another group as all of you were interested.

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