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A lot of us competitive programmers (in India, at least) practice CP and DSA to land an interview and then rely mostly on our existing DSA, CP, and Development skills to get through them. But interviews involve a lot more than just those skills! A lot can go wrong:

  • We are not able to communicate our ideas effectively.

  • We get too nervous and hit a mental block.

  • We might be too slow in solving the problems.

Thankfully, all of this can be kept to a minimum if we practice in an interview scenario more often. Ergo, mock interviews!

GetAMock! strives to make technical mock interviews as accessible and affordable as possible. We provide high-quality technical mocks, valuable feedback, and free resume analysis with every mock to help you get interview ready. We're having an introductory offer so you can get your mock for as low as Rs.99! (I'll be incorporating international payments soon!)

We currently have three interviewers:

1) astroash: Interned at Sprinklr and has offers from Sprinklr and Google.

2) saumya_singh203: Interned at Salesforce (also had intern offer from Amazon), and has an offer from Salesforce.

3) AnkurTiwari1903: Interned at Google (also had intern offer from Goldman Sachs), and has offers from Google and Sprinklr.

If you have any queries, feel free to dm me!

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