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By br0mabs, history, 2 months ago, In English

Hi Codeforces!

From Saturday, July 31 00:00 EDT to Wednesday, August 4 00:00 EDT, we will be hosting An Animal Contest 3 on DMOJ. Participants will be given a 3-hour window to complete 8 problems themed around monkeys. The problems are in roughly ascending order of difficulty ranging from Div. 2 to Div. 1.

To participate, you must register an account on DMOJ.

Some additional information about the contest:

  • The contest is full feedback and there will be no pretests or systests — you will be judged on all test cases. Moreover, there is no hacking.
  • The contest scoreboard will be hidden until your window is over.
  • All problems are guaranteed to be solvable in C++ and Java.
  • The exact start time of the contest in your timezone can be found here.
  • This contest is rated for all participants that enter the contest, regardless of whether or not they have submitted.
  • Checkers: unless otherwise specified, identical. The contest will follow the standard convention of having all lines terminate in a \n character, with no trailing whitespace.

More information can be found here. We hope you enjoy the problems and have fun!

UPDATE: Contest end time has been extended by a day!

UPDATE 2: Contest window is live!

UPDATE 3: The contest window has recently ended. We thank everyone for participating!

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