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Hello, I would like to introduce that I added the stress test tool in the competitive programming tool (If you don't know it please read that blog first). This tool will generate test cases and compare the output of your program and the output of the accepted or the brute-force program.

To open it click F8 from the main app.


  • In the Accepted solution write the name of the accepted solution or the brute-force solution you created. and choose the language of it(C++, Java, Python)

  • In the Hacking solution write the name of the file that you trying to test. (and chose its language)

  • In the Test case generator write the name of the generator file you created (and the language of that file will be the language you selected in the main app)

  • Write the URL of the problem (This will use the URL as a source to name the folder)

  • In the Time limite just write 20000 (because I didn't finish this yet. In the next update this will be used to check if your solution will get TLE or not)

  • Write how many test cases you want to generate and if you already created test cases before and don't like to recreate new test cases just unselect that check box).

  • Now click start and see what is the test case that your solution will fail in. You can find the test cases in the fold TestCases in the app folder and will take the name of the problem (that we get from the URL).

Please make sure to delete the test cases that you no longer need from that folder because this will not happen automatically

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Wow, this is really an interesting tool.

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where I put the gen file and the accepted solution and hacking solution

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    All your solutions should be in the folder named CODE in the program folder. You will Find C++, Java, and Python subfolders, Put your code files in these folders to let the program be able to read them. You can name your solution files any name you want

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This will really save a lot of precious time!

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If there can be several solutions then outputs of solutions Accepted / Hacking may be different, but verdicts the same. You may want to permit a validator for this.