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New Interview Series

Hello Codeforces! I'm beginning a new interview series, talking to famous icons in the world of competitive programming! We talk about competitive programming, updates in their lives, and other things the community might find interesting. If you think you're an icon, and want to be interviewed, send me a message! :)

Episode 1

This interview is with Um_nik. Learn about his favorite problem (from Topcoder), his advice for students preparing for IOI, and his new venture/educational series, Um!

Question List

  • 0:25 "When did you start competitive programming, and how did you get into it?"
  • 1:56 "What was competitive programming like, ten years ago?"
  • 3:02 "How did you practice in 2015, the year you went from 2500 to LGM?"
  • 5:18 "Your favorite problem? (linked below!!)"
  • 12:40 "What advice would 2023 Um_nik give 2015 Um_nik?"
  • 14:17 "If you could trade all your CP knowledge, for $10 million dollars, would you?"
  • 15:19 "If you lost all your CP knowledge, would you re-learn it from scratch?"
  • 15:51 "If you had any advice for a high school student practicing for the IOI, what would it be?"
  • 18:02 "Let's talk about Um and your Youtube channel"
  • 21:31 "RIP Google Codejam, any specific moments you remember or cherish?"
  • 24:20 "Who do you think the second best competitive programmer active today?"
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Have you ever seen an interview so dry that not even the green Indians are posting comments?
Maybe, they're still sleeping or hunting or cheating:D

Speaking of trading knowledge, I heard someone claim they'd give up all their CP knowledge for $10 million. Do you think they're telling the truth?