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Fun Facts about NAC Teams

Are you or someone you know attending the North America Programming Camp? If so, we'd love to get some fun facts about the teams that are here!

Please submit your fun facts in this google form, or send them in a direct message to me, SecondThread on Codeforces!

What kind of facts are you looking for?

We're looking for anything exciting, interesting, or varied about your team that you're willing to share. Some great examples that we've seen in the past include:

  • I play Smash Melee competitively in my free time
  • One of our team members (his_handle) is getting married within a week of finals
  • I'm surprisingly not actually a Computer Science major, instead I'm majoring in x and plan to use it for y.
  • 2/3 of our team uses the non-C++ programming language X.
  • This weird thing happened at regionals when we qualified.
  • Our team practiced pretending to get questions wrong so that when we solved the last problem we didn't ruin the scoreboard reveal for anyone. One of our teammates really likes cycling and once biked over 100 miles in a single day.
  • Last year, we were the highest-scoring team at the NAC not to make World Finals, by 27 minutes of penalty time
  • Our team's mascot is X which we use for Y

Or really anything else that you think is unique or interesting.

What will these be used for?

Similarly to the 2022 NAC Stream, we'll use the content in these facts to make the stream more personal, and hype up your team when you submit a problem when we're watching the scoreboard. You can view the NAC stream here, and get contest updates here.

We're looking to get at least one fact per team. I'll be bothering you in person before the contest if you don't submit one, so might as well just make it easy on yourself and do it online now to avoid all potential human interactions later on, right? Just fill out this google form, or DM SecondThread!

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Please be sure to submit your fun facts if you haven't yet. We're still missing them from ~30 teams.

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    Please be sure to use normal channels of communication with the teams and not spam here. Have you thought about sending an email to all the registered teams instead? Not everyone spends their time on Codeforces.

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      Indeed, every team has been reached out to directly in person as well.

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Would be cool if you update this post with fun facts for those who didn't have time to watch entire stream!