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Run id 224039373 status:CE

after noticing the CE error I found I've been using the wrong language to submit,then I tried GNU C++17 and it worked.

but the CE record is just weird,it reported an issue finding the header,but the only header I was using in the program was iostream and algorithm.

before that was a TLE record Run id 224039721,it has the iostream,algorithm and map header,but it managed to be compiled then stuck on time limit,lol.

The main problem is that CE promblem which makes me confused.but it'll be appreciated if someone can explain the TLE thing,is it a bug or a feature?

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CE submission:224039373

TLE submission:224039721

AC submission for CE submission:224039721

AC submission for TLE submission:224039915

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By default, C++ does not track any errors such as overflow, access to non-existent elements and stuff like that. Diagnostics mode tries to keep track of them (that's why it can be used, for example, in custom invocations to locate the undefined behavior in your code), but obviously, checking if something like that occurs while the program is running requires some additional operations and slows down the program considerably. That's why you get TLE with diagnostics mode.

As for CE, I think the issue is that you didn't include the string header.