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By DmitriyH, 9 years ago, translation, In English

There were two reasons, prompted me to begin round statistics acquiring:
1) it was interesting to know failed solution percentage
2) it was interesting to study javascript + DOM + Chrome Extension and develop something using it

It was a new tool for me, and after samples & forums reading, the First Post was created.
After the first three hours, it's score was -7. Am I the only one, who is interested to know failed solution percentage?
24 hours later, I got the answer for the question: no, not the only one ( +123 ).

Thanks to your support, comments and suggestions, the statistics progressed from round to round.
My Javascript-skill was increased from "Below Hello World!" to "Above Hello World!". Your upvotes maked me develop new features and fix spotted bugs.
Even after First Post with Graphs was estimated positively, I could not even imagine about getting to the Top-10 Contributed.

Several days ago, the Contribution has reached the Top-1

It was impossible for me to keep this fact without comments. To be precise:

I must say thanks to everyone, who upvoted my statistics posts, who made any suggestions or asked questions.
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your support!

Some stats about stats scripts:
JS files count: 19
JS lines of code: 5561.

Screencast (10:36) of Codeforces Round Statistics creation process.

What's next?
- Make the deprecated FAQ actual
- let's wait and see ;)


Donate via PayPal
Here could be a donation link.
But my PayPal account was blocked after my attempt to "support myself".
Maybe, later :)

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Congratulations :). Great work! But frankly saying you missed that guy: MikeMirzayanov :D

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    9 years ago, # ^ |
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    but the way he's going, it won't be long before DmitriyH overtakes MikeMirzayanov as well! ;)

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      From my observations each point of contribution is harder to get, so 142 and 179 is in fact a big difference. Even if Dmitriy will overtake Mike in contribution points I think it will not be a true that Dmitriy contributed more to CF than Mike :D.