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Yesterday I recieved a message telling me that my solution was suspicios of cheating.

Your solution 233139427 for the problem 1899D significantly coincides with solutions OME_/233139427, arya.saranathan/233150935.

I cannot prove that I have not cheated because I literally have no evidence that I cheated I don't know him and have never talked to him. The only things I managed to difference was the general notation and the submitted times. It is just a coincidence that we share enough solution to make the system think we both cheated. I programm in an online c++ compiler that does not share my code with anyone, I don't know how to prove that I have not cheated if I truly have not. You may think that it is odd enough but the problem was really easy and it is really easy to aprpoach the problem my way. How can I prove that this is just a coincidence if the code is not an online resource?

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