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I receive the error message "Denial of judgement" while submitting a solution for 1393E2 — Twilight and Ancient Scroll (harder version)

I tried to resubmit for several times, in C++17(GCC7-32) or C++20(GCC13-64), but nothing changed.

e.g.254839287 254840267

What is the meaning of this kind of verdict? How can I avoid it?

So MikeMirzayanov, please give a hand to solve the problem. Thank you very much.

I am not good at English so this article uses machine translation, please forgive me :(

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I got that verdict yesterday on a different problem and it was fixed to AC today, so it may be a CodeForces error. What exact message does the judge give if you look at the specific test cases? In my case, there was some generator error that also claimed something was running in over 20 seconds when my program runs in less than 0.3 seconds...

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    Yesterday I saw that the verdict of the worng test case was CRASHED.
    The situation seems different, but I also think it may be a CodeForces error :(
    One of my friend got the same verdict, and he also thinks that there's something wrong with the generator, maybe his blog could help you.