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This is where I/We report on the progress/activities of the team in achieving our goal in 30 days


1 new pupil in the team ✅ 1 new pupil in the team ✅ 1 new specialist in the team ✅ 1 new expert in the team

Summary We had a couple of mashups, the last rated div 3 was a positive rating increase for 95% of the team. We have two contests, one for newbie, another for pupils by 8:00 pm GMT + 1 or UTC + 1.

Newbies here is the invite link for https://codeforces.com/contestInvitation/3db3df9f0cdb6e15e7e7d58fb97ce5f4ad78530e

register link https://codeforces.com/contests/517911

Pupil invite link https://codeforces.com/contestInvitation/fab0fb19bcad30ddd8eb53be4af41d1a7aad7b30

register link https://codeforces.com/contests/518061

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