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By ragemonster47, 5 weeks ago, In English

Ever had this question or had difficulty in finding a specific problem by its name as this feature is not available on the site? Well I got you covered!

I had similar problem in searching the problem by name so I made this Search Tool named Code Saviour using React and some API calls which gives list of all problems matching to the search and on top of that you'll get direct links to the problems!

Check out it out from here: Code Saviour

Source Code: Github Repositry

Please Report any Bug if found and Upvote if you like it, Thanks for Reading:)

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This looks good!

But I have no problems searching for the problem by its name :)

All I do is go to the Google search and then write the name of the problem, or even its text if I remember it + CF

I always find problems easily without any effort