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Hello, Codeforces!

I am pleased to invite you to participate in our new Community Code Cup 4 round that will take place on the All Cups platform! The competition will take place Friday, June 21, 2024, at 16:05 and will be held according to the ICPC rules:

  • All solutions will be tested on a full set of tests;
  • The penalty for an incorrect attempt in this round will be $$$20$$$ minutes;
  • The rating table will be frozen in the last hour.

$$$7$$$$$$12$$$ interesting tasks are expected for the participants of the competition. The duration of the round will be $$$4$$$ hours.

The tasks have been prepared by:

The illustrator of the contest:


Special thanks to:

The competition participants will be awarded with:

  • Top 3 competitors will receive branded All Cups merch and $$$6$$$ months of subscription VK Music;

  • Top 5 competitors will receive $$$6$$$ months of subscription VK Music;

  • All competitors will receive points from « Drugoe Delo ».

The competition was supported by All Cups and VK Education.

Register for the competition: enter

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