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lots of people ask me the question I wrote above as I am quite senior as in age and an alumni

I would say it all about consistency along with the focus that you shows by learning the concepts of the mistake done by doing/solving/working on a project or compitative question;

I usually pick the wrong path when I am not aware of the right one

same concept is applied here; when I am not confidant about a concept or when my theoritical concepts are not clear well it will be an obstacle in my process; it will only won't in future when I'll clear all the blurry doubts about a question and related concepts

  • and at the end I would say I am also a beginner for current here
  • and thanks for asking .. in the process of writing this answer I found what I am suppose to do

hope it helps

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Start with easy problems, once you start gaining some rating start solving problems around +200 or +300 your rating, I recommend learning binary search and some basic greedy ideas because a lot of easy problems are based around those two concepts