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tl;dr: Install VsCaide extension in extensions manager of Visual Studio 2013.

(NOTE: it's recommended to create caide project from scratch after update: use caide init from command line or "Create caide solution" button in Visual Studio.)


  • Fix Codeforces contest parser, GCJ, HackerRank
  • Support RCC contests, POJ
  • C++ inliner: don't remove used typedefs defined at class scope.


  • Fix Codeforces parser in russian interface
  • C++: Remove inactive preprocessor blocks, unused macros, unused typedefs
  • C# support in VS plugin
  • Compatibility with CHelper extension (command line only)
  • Support Google Code Jam, Russian Code Cup, HackerRank

Currently supported online judges: Codeforces, GCJ, CodeChef, Timus, HackerRank, POJ, RCC. (Topcoder is planned.) Currently supported IDEs: Visual Studio 2013, CodeLite. Currently supported programming languages: C++, C#.

caide automates certain common tasks that you do during programming competitions: parsing, running and debugging problem tests, inlining library code.

caide is inspired by such projects as chelper or jhelper. Its purpose is to automate the following tasks:

  • Parsing problem statement and extracting test cases
  • Generating solution scaffold
  • Inlining library code and preparing a single source file for submission
  • Running the tests on your solution
  • Debugging the tests

Unlike other projects, caide is designed to support multiple programming languages and IDEs/editors.

caide is split into the following projects:

  • libcaide is core command line application implementing all functionality. Windows and Linux are supported. Theoretically, it should also build on OS X, but I don't have access to a Mac.
  • VsCaide is caide frontend (extension) for Visual Studio; currently supports only C++ programming language.

Documentation, issue tracker and code:

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What about some instructions?

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    There are links to README files in the post. Let me know if anything needs clarification

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Is there any site that to learn C # ???) thanks in advance