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Hello Codeforces,

In less than a two weeks, finals of 8th edition of Bubble Cup will be held in Belgrade, organized by Microsoft Development Center Serbia.

Unfortunately, there wont be Bubble Run contest this year (which was held last two years for university students in the same tame as BCup, and it was a 24h marathon style contest), but only ACM-style 5 hour long contest for both university and high school teams in the same category. You can read more about contest on the official website, and read tasks and solutions from past years in the booklets. (There are some very interesting tasks, especially from Run contests, so I encourge you all to take a look at them).

Usually, the contest was interesting only to teams from Serbia and it's region, but every year we can see more and more teams from other countries participating in qualifications, and now there will be teams from 7 different countries from Eastern Europe participating in the finals, which is the most I think. Certanly, it will be the toughest Bubble Cup ever, and that's the reason why I'm listing teams here. I hope there will be even more strong teams from other countries next year!

The new cool thing this year will be a BC conference where we will hear talks about competitive programming and maybe something more, from Psyho (Psyho), misof and MikeMirzayanov! (I can't wait for this! :D). Also, there will be a big party after the contest as MDCS celebrates 10 years anniversary.

For teams and guests who will come to the finals: Hope you will enjoy Belgrade and Serbia, and if you want to go to some fun places here, hang out, or maybe even spend few more days in this beautiful city, I'll be glad to help you :) If you have any questions, just post it in the comments, or send me a message. See you soon!

Teams (sorted by bonus penalty time):

Team name
University Members Penalty
Wroclaw Cheetahs University of Wrocław  kostka, Solaris, bardek -72
3/4 IOI Polish Team High school  znirzej, yarek, przemekkoz -64
unusual University of Latvia  nvilcins, KarlisS, gen -64
Програмерски Моћан Факултет у Нишу University of Niš  ivan100sic, lazar06, k0cc4 -56
Me[N]talci Corp. High school  zDule98, MeinKraft, randomusername -49
Air Penguins Belarusian State University  CherryTree, shef_2318, IFLED -49
Booleans High school  VladaMG98, FilipVesovic, iprove -49
rozochocone szczerzożerzączki High school  Radewoosh, Myez, oroko -42
XYZ University of Zagreb  mislav_bradac, Dgleich, mgradicek -42
Nulla dies sine AC High school  Mihaell, tonkosi, bfilipovic -42
Papirnate maramice High school  isego, lbarisic, kstef -42
Mastovito ime High school  DBradac, nherceg, stjepanp -42
Bubblecup Cunningsnatch University of Zagreb  Nino, ipaljak, Martin -42
Team2015 University of Novi Sad  Srki, luxa, stanoje -42
LNU Penguins Lviv National University  RomaWhite, witua, Andrew_Makar -36
RAF RAF GSM Union university  pimpke, DuX, FreezingCool -36
Lazo i prijatelji High school  abeker, IvL, dpaleka -36
Frozen Heart SPb AU  Tehnar, ComradePetr, Nikitosh -36
Spacemen Union University  TajniAgent, Ivan95, xgrizx1 -36
Is there anybunny there? High school  dd__, NNSpasic, Stefan -36
Gimnazija Sombor High school  akatsuki555, digaa, micamat -25

UPD: Unfortunately, the only team from Bulgaria "..." (ha1vanka, Enchom, vanessa) can't come to finals, but they will be replaced by the next best scored team from qualifications — Frozen Heart, which will be the first team from Russia on BC :)

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Will there be a live scoreboard available online?

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It would be great to have an opportunity to watch recordings of the talks, which you mentioned, if it's possible.

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BubbleCup is a wonderful competition and the final round offers really high-quality problems. Good luck to everyone participating :)

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char cool , Good luck = "everyone" ; if(tshrit == 1) cout << ":D" ; else cout << "NO without the quotes"

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Will those competitive programming talks be published?

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ignore :)